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A little history
Once upon a time there was a Greek colony called Heraclea Caccabaria
The name of Cavalaire comes from a Greek colony called "Heraclea Caccabaria" which inhabited the bay. It evokes the memory of Carthage and the worship of Hercules. The history of this relatively new town (it has just celebrated its 80th birthday!) began 800 years ago with the Ligures, in their Montjean Oppidum (fortress).
The Count of Provence, Guillaume 1st, built a watchtower on Cape Cavalaire, to which the Counts of Grimaud added fortifications which were destroyed in 1646. In the eighteenth century, Cavalaire became a small fishing hamlet which belonged to the Gassin village until 1929.
On the 15th August 1944, the allies selected this site for the landing of the 3rd American Infantry Division. Ever since, the town's chief activity has been tourism with its modern port with 200 moorings, known throughout the Mediterranean. 

The remains of the Ligurian Oppidum are an interesting attraction for visitors; it was inhabited from the sixth century to the fourth century BC on the heights of Montjean overlooking the bay of Cavalaire.