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Services available to people with disability
The Tourist Office of Cavalaire puts in place some measures to welcome people with disability
Our hostesses have received adequate training and offer a personalized welcome:

a sound loop is available to enable a better communication with people with
hearing disability.

Our touristic documentation is available in a more easily comprehensible version:
              CAMP SITES                          IN THE SURROUNDINGS

You can download here the city's map which presents:
- car park areas 
- and public toilets  easily accessible for people with disability.

To enjoy the beach, carpet access are available on the "Pardigon" and "Le Parc" beaches.
Disabled people are welcome to use the "tiralo" chairs available at the two lifeguard stations:
- Pardigon: 04 94 64 11 54
- Le Parc: 04 94 64 43 49
(during lifeguard stations' opening hours)
A team of Lifeguards is available to ensure your safety.