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Hotels, bungalows, camp-site pitches or furnished holiday rentals… Select the accommodation that suits your needs!
We will be delighted to welcome you to Cavalaire-sur-Mer over the coming months or weeks.
Please find all the information you require for selecting accommodation to suit your requirements.
Please contact bed and breakfast hosts or owners of furnished rental accommodation directly.
You can also book your accommodation through the booking centre, please click here

Useful information
Rental agreement

In the best interest of all parties, we advise that a rental agreement is signed with a description of the accommodation and stipulating the booking terms and conditions (specifying prices, cancellation terms and arrival/departure times, etc.).

Classification system for furnished rental accommodation :

The Cavalaire Tourist Office supports the Secretary of State for Tourism's initiative for classifying furnished rentals. With quality in mind, we encourage owners of furnished rental accommodation to apply for classification in order to guarantee the level of quality. One to five stars are assigned for a five year period.
What is the difference between a deposit and an advance payment ?

If you put down a deposit, you can change your mind and cancel your booking, provided that the agreed notice period is respected. You will not be required to pay the full rental price however the renter will keep the deposit. Advance payment implies a definite commitment on your part, which is why the full rental price needs to be paid in the event of cancellation.
Tourist tax

The owner must cover this fee in addition to rental fees. It is calculated per day per person Children under 13 ar exempt.