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Your eco-friendly behaviour during holidays
On Holiday, I protect environment

- Sort out your rubbish : glass, cardboard packaging, plastic bottles, metallic cans and other ones...
For further information, please call : 00 33 (0)4 94 00 11 52 or click here.
 - switch-off lights when you don't need them,
- don't permanently use the stand-by mode for your equipment,
- turn off the taps when they are not in use,
- we recommend you to use natural insecticide : chemical aerosols damage environment, use lemongrass to repel mosquitos.
During your activities :

- Respect environment and protect local ecosystems: never litter your waste when hiking or on the beach and continue to sort them out,
- Just observe the flora when hiking: walk along the paths (not outside) and never pick plants,
- Choose sun cream better than sun oil: : oil is forming a screen at water surface and it's slowing down the process of photosynthesis and then the vegetal life near the coasts, while cream has a tendency to dissolve more easily in water,
- Do not throw cigarette butts on the beach:  a cigarette butt remains 12 years, think about taking a portable ashtray or ask for a free one at the Tourist Office.