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Deep-sea diving
Extraordinary riches in the great depths
Cavalaire is the second largest diving base on the Mediterranean

Deep-sea diving is accessible to all. So why not take advantage of your holiday in Cavalaire to explore some of the greatest riches of the depths of the Mediterranean sea.

Whatever your availability, age or experience, get in touch with the diving professionals in Cavalaire. You are sure to find a diving centre to your taste, whether you are looking for a discovery program, beginner or advanced training or simply a dream cruise.

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 Diving holidays

Short break 2 days / 1 night on a Yacht with TIKI DIVE Diving scholl
 Picture provider : Hervé Lillini
Short break 2 days / 1 night in hotel 2* with diving initiation with EPERLAN Diving school.
 Picture provider : Aldo Ferrucci
Diving : discovery and training

DIVING – Eperlan  diving school
With the diving school Eperlan in Cavalaire, discover the beauty and the richness of the underwater world of the Mediterranean. From initiation to 1st Level course, not forgetting groups diving, the qualified divers team will help you to make this dive a wonderful memory.
Picture provider : Aldo Ferruci
DIVING – Isadora Croisières
From Cavalaire, come aboard the Isadora, a Turkish Caik to live an unforgettable experience. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are dedicated to bathing and sailing. The other days are for confirmed divers. During the excursion you will discover the beauty of Sea depths.
DIVING – Tiki Dive diving school
Located in Cavalaire, Tiki Dive offers various cruises and diving activities from the port aboard its 17-meter boat (2 to 10 persons) with comfortable cabins.

Diving Sites

The main diving sites in the Gulf of St Tropez


Twelve wrecks to be explored within one hour's sailing :
  • Le Ramon: An 80m long cargo ship, launched in 1873 and shipwrecked in 1921, resting at a depth of 22 metres.
  • Le Prophète: This 42m steamboat was launched in 1853 and sunk in 1860. She rests in waters that are 33 metres deep.
  • Le Rubis: A French submarine, 66 metres long, launched in 1931 and scuttled with honours for serving France in 1958. She rests on the sand in waters 40 metres deep.
  • L'Espingole: This 56 metre torpedo boat was launched in 1900 and beached in 1903. She sank in 40 metres of water while being towed.
  • Le Torpilleur 178: This 35 metre long ship was launched in 1883 and was scuttled by 45 to 48 metres of water in 1921.
  • Le Togo, also known as Ville de Valence: this 76 metre cargo ship was launched in 1882, hit a mine in 1918. She rests in waters 47 to 58 metres deep.
  • La Poursuivante: This 81 metre torpedo boat was launched in 1936 and was scuttled in Toulon in 1942 and salvaged in 1943. She sank definitively in 1947 in 50-60 metres of water.
  • Le Traffic : Cargo ship offshore
  • Le Hellcat : Aircraft  
  • Le Wilcat : Aircraft in Fourmigue d- Lavandou, (32 m).
  • Le Spas : Aircraft in Fourmigue du Lavandou, (32 m).
  • Le Donator : Cargo ship offshore from porquerolles
  • Le Grec : Cargo ship offshore from porquerolles (48 m).
Deep-sea trails to be enjoyed by all !

The Marine Observatory invites you to come diving with your family or friends in crystal-clear waters to explore marine treasures: the fantastic Posidonia meadows and the beautiful rocky drop-offs. Prepare for magical encounters with octopus, rainbow-wrasse and starfish… Exhilarating moments assured!
Certified deep-sea diving monitors are available with all the necessary equipment: wetsuit, flippers, mask and snorkel. The boat trip out to the site where you will be diving will allow you to take in the coastal scenery, enriched by anecdotes and information provided by your guides.
Sign up for a dive at the Tourist Office – Activities run throughout July and August